Fatcow Hosting Review

A look at fatcow hosting will immediately set it apart from other more widely known hosting companies. fat cow hosting came into existence in 1998 to provide hosting services primarily to small and medium sized enterprises as well as individuals in search of affordability with regards to hosting. But maybe you cannot take a look at fatcow web hosting without marveling at the firm’s determination to stand out in the crowd, not by providing state of the art hosting services using first class hardware and a talented team of professionals, but by vigorously perpetrating an environmentally friendly business operation.

It isn’t merely the adorable cow designs that litter its website or the nutrition facts disseminated in its tables that so thoroughly paint a convincing picture of fat cow web hosting and its determination to follow through with its Eco friendly passions, but the decision to deliver all services using wind technology while maintaining perfectly affordable hosting plans.

Fatcow features and specifications include:

  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth and POP email boxes.
  • Quick and easy installation applications.
  • Tools expediting and easing the process of site building.
  • Online selling and marketing tools, with packages infused with Google webmaster systems, alongside support for Joomla and WordPress.

Most fatcow reviews will praise the firm for providing one of the cheapest hosting service on the market, with packages free of sign up and activation fees; switching from another host to fat cow is also free of charge. Fatcow pricing is further accentuated by the occasional fatcow coupon and discounts availed rather randomly every weekend.

With regards to performance it is worth mentioning that Fat cow is far from the fastest hosting service out there; and it definitely doesn’t have the greatest of connections, placing it within the average arena, not terrible but far from superb, despite the 99.8% uptime reported. It is worth pointing out that despite the efficiently regular back ups systems provided, their aren’t many a case of data loss to point to, which says something about the reliability of the service, fat cow making available back up generator systems to augment the reputation of its nearly 100% uptime. Considerable effort is injected into ensuring the consistent operation of servers at all times, with monitoring systems constituted to ensure the optimum operation of hosting systems at all times of the day, week, year.

On the unfortunate side though, there have been grumblings regarding the customer support mechanisms. Fat cow does provide a comprehensive system of communication through which it can be reached at all times, promising to provide solutions to queries within minutes; however a critical review of the system would rate it as okay; true, you won’t find anything specific to scream about, with technical staff clearly knowledgeable, yet fat cow’s support system is best termed as usable.

There have been grumblings over fat cow’s lack of room for expansion, specifically because its single plan is restrictive when it comes to upgrades, sometimes requiring you to seek out other hosts as your business grows.

Overall while you might encounter interruptions in connections once in a while, most of fat cow’s cons aren’t likely to send you packing to another host, with fat cow prices so low that they will, in most cases, compensate for any failings that you encounter. And of course there is the Eco friendly hosting operations.